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Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to collaborate online for FREE

If you need a place on the web where to exchange some files, comment them, publish some basic webpages, etc. at no cost today there are a few valid options on the net. There have been different solutions for the past decade but now these reflect a higher reliability and ease of use.

Let's start with simple things. Your need is just to Share some files:
1. Microsoft provides upto 5 Gb on
2. Adobe gives just 1 Gb:

There are many other players on the web (,, but these two seem both reliable & userfriendly.

If things are extending to a further more "collaborative context" there you will find:
1. MS with (mostly for personal use) or (small companies, 5 persons). The origin for these two is a good SharePoint 2007 Microsoft customization !

2. Google apps: that enables you to share and edit online docs, publish a basic website, have calendars, chat, etc. Originally comes out as a packaging of different google services as mail (famous 5+ Gb), google docs+spreadsheets+presentations, google sites, talk, etc.

These are simple hints that I would give to any friend might ask me about collaboration online.
I would also suggest to share only low-confidential data and use at least a basic personal security option (zip with password for a start). Avoid to share copyrighted material. Most of the FREE services detect sooner or later this kind of content and (depending on your local regulations) you might get in trouble.


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