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Thursday, January 17, 2008

the more you know, the less you believe.

Last August some very important scientists (spanning from biologists to astronomers) gathered and talked about the state-of-art for the life origin and next-to-far future trends in bio/chem/phys/genetics research .
You will find the transcripts of their talk and the videos right here:
Very interesting. And somehow frightening: everyone talks about the end of Darwinism era (evolutionism conducted by nature conditions) and begining of genome juggling (lego-ing with dna to build new organisms and stuff...)

These days in Italy Pope Benedict 16 was rejected to plead his speach from University La Sapienza in Rome.

Far from being connected these two events reflect a simple thing:
the more you know, the less you'll (be open to) believe.

They were, they are

They were my grandparents: Luigi & Natalia. For no particular reason today I've decided that there must be a place on this huge web that should remember them. For now I'll put a timeline photo of Natalia (born Fagaraseanu) and Luigi (born Alois Hugel, later changed to Luigi Baluta). Sometimes such a photo speakes for itself. Words may hardly tell their stories. Now they are here, on this blog page, not only in my heart and in other few people memory. ;-)

Monday, January 07, 2008


I did not encounter any better definition for passion than one made by Isabel Allende during her speach on the 2007 TED (how I wish I'd be there sometime in the future). Please take some minutes off from your daily job and listen to her. It's emotional and funny in the same time:

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 - a thin line between optimism and pessimism

People make "resolutions" and express freely their desire and hope for better days. Do you want to hear mine ? For all the good people I know (including myself ;-))
Be happier !