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Thursday, December 13, 2007

three dot oh

We've had the BigBubble (web 1.0 ?!)
Now we're living through the web 2.0 (social, user-centric, blabla).
What about the web 3.0 ?! (semantic-3d-web ?!) What colour is the edge of knowledge towards the next future ? Well, trying to find answers I stumbled upon (I love this site. Most of the presentations are "braincandies"). That's how I found out about the Johnatan Harris mashups (i.e. and Great work.
Well, partially it gives me an answer on the 3.0 hamletika: We'll never know exactely "where" (as a target or milestone) but we might sometimes sense the path as we enlarge our vision (funny Philippe Stark on his explanation of vision. see it on


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